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About Dental Anxiety


About Dental AnxietyAbout Dental Anxiety
It is estimated that approximately 30 to 40 million Americans avoid seeing the dentist because of dental anxiety or dental phobia (fear of dentists). People with dental anxiety have fears that are often greatly exaggerated and overwhelming. Severe dental phobia is a more serious condition, causing those affected to cancel or avoid their dental appointments altogether. Various sedation dentistry techniques can be used to treat those who suffer from dental anxiety or dental phobia.

Many people who experience dental phobia are hesitant when visiting a dentist. They often have a fear of the office, the equipment, or the dentist themselves. Individuals that suffer from this dental anxiety frequently delay their appointments, hoping to avoid the experience altogether.

About Severe DentalAbout Severe Dental Phobia

Dental anxiety can also turn into severe dental phobia, making a dental appointment an overall horrific experience. People with severe dental phobia are terrified and panic-stricken when it comes time to see the dentist and they often avoid the dental appointment completely. If they do force themselves to go, they usually do not sleep the night before and are extremely anxious on arrival at the dental office.

Many patients with severe dental phobia have put off dental treatment for years because of their fear of dentists, resulting in poor oral health. Individuals suffering from dental anxiety or severe dental phobia commonly have infected gums and teeth, severely compromising their ability to chew and digest food properly. Many also lack self-confidence and feel insecure because of bad breath or an unattractive smile.

With sedation dentistry, even the most fearful patients can be comfortably treated. Often times, years of neglect can be repaired in just a few appointments, and the confidence of a healthy, beautiful smile can be restored.



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