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Inhaled Sedation Westlake Village

Inhaled Sedation Westlake Villageinhaled sedation is a popular type of light sedation that can calm and relax you throughout your dental appointment. It goes to work quickly, and it leaves your system nearly as fast so that you can drive yourself home without worry. Our expert in inhaled sedation in Westlake Village can help you decide if inhaled sedation is right for you.
Our Westlake Village inhaled sedation expert may recommend inhaled sedation if you:
• Suffer from dental appointment-related anxiety
• Feel uncomfortable in the dental chair
• Have sensitive teeth or a low pain threshold
• Dislike the sounds, smells or other aspects of dental treatment
• Have a strong gag reflex
• Need many treatments at once or have a complex procedure scheduled
• Would just like to be completely relaxed during your dental visit
Unlike other forms of dental sedation, inhaled sedation uses a mask that is placed over your nose. A special mix of oxygen and nitrous oxide is administered through this mask. You will be instructed to breathe through your nose, and the gas will begin to take effect within a few minutes. Our expert in inhaled sedation in Westlake Village will be able to adjust the concentration of nitrous oxide as needed throughout your treatment so that you get just the right degree of sedation.

Westlake Village Inhaled Sedation

Nitrous oxide, which is also known as laughing gas, often makes people feel calm, relaxed or even a little drowsy. It is quickly eliminated from your body, and we will switch you to oxygen to speed up the process once your treatment is complete. You will not need a ride to and from our office, and you will get exactly the level of sedation that you need to feel comfortable. Inhaled sedation has been used in dentistry for many years and has a long and well-established record of safety.
Although it is one of the lighter levels of sedation, inhaled sedation is still extremely effective for patients with dental anxiety or phobia. It allows you to get the treatment or procedures you need with minimal stress, complete multiple treatments at once and have little or no discomfort. Contact our office today to find out more about your sedation options or to schedule an appointment with our Westlake Village inhaled sedation expert.

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